I’m married, and a NC resident. If a Plaintiff sues for more than $25,000 in District Court a motion to dismiss or remove to Superior Court may be appropriate. She has no assets in her name, no job, short of the sheriff coming a few more times I just don't understand what consequences still remain that would need bankruptcy. The idea that a judge will set up a payment plan is a HUGE misconception- they have no authority to do so. They are both with Bernhardt and Strawser in Charlotte NC. Can you offer some sort of settlement? The only bank account in his name is for his disability checks only. In some cases having a vacated judgment removed is as simple as disputing the item with the credit reporting agency and providing a copy of the “order to set aside” the judgment with a letter (look up a sample letter to remove judgement from credit report). Wage garnishment means that an unpaid creditor has sued in court and received a judgment against the debtor. In addition judgments accrue at 8% interest per year meaning this 23k debt could push towards $60k in 20 years! Failure to fill these out and file at the courthouse in 20 days will allow them to take anything you own or to go to your bank and withdraw money. Can my spouse be legally sued or held responsible for this debt? But the request for collection is from a company I've never heard of. I did try calling but got voice mail didn’t think much else about it and today they wiped out my checking and savings account. Do you have other credit cards debts waiting to sue you next? Winning a credit card lawsuit in North Carolina usually requires a lot of diligence and a little bit of luck. I’m unemployed due to medical issues, and obtained that debt during that period. I live in the state of NC. He is 18 on autism spectrum(high functioning) but not responsible. Once we are served, assuming we will be, what is your advice. Counterclaims- Fair Debt Collection violations, Fair Credit Billing Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, NC Unfair debt collection statutes, Federal Unfair Debt Collection statutes, breach of settlement agreement, Bankruptcy violations. He was eventually terminated from his employer due to his illness and we are now in the process of applying for disability for him. He is disabled with only income being his disability check. No way to know at this point, but obviously if you aren't served via the Sheriff shortly they were lying. ​A creditor with a judgment lien could potentially take a vehicle titled in the name of the debtor. That being said, if you were sued you would generally be served via sheriff or certified mail. What can you afford to pay lump sum? Hi I received a notice of right to have exceptions designated on 3/8/19 and I kind of feel like I should have filled this out. What would be the most reasonable course of action for two married debtors who owe more in cc debt than they can possibly pay (over 100k), and are age 55 and judgment proof, and will be so for the future as well? Amount- The defendant may request a jury trial as to the amount owed. They say they are going to have a sheriff deliver me a summons to appear In court. Thus, if you fail to pay your credit card debts, your credit card company cannot take possession of your house or car. Statue of limitations say in NC you have 3 years to collect a debt. He does have 2 older cars that are paid off which are in his name as well. Not much cash in personal accounts. Current owed is about 8500. Thank you. In North Carolina, creditors can sue you for up to three years after your last payment was made. If you’ve stopped paying and the creditor believes you have assets that could be used to pay a court judgment, they may file a credit card debt lawsuit. We responded appropriately to the clerk of court and nothing happened again until two weeks ago when we received a packet from BOA lawyers about taking me to court. 1 decade ago. Wage Garnishments in North Carolina with court judgement. Interest is accumulated at the rate set by the court, or the maximum allowed by law in your state for judgment debt. Take a look at the following blog post: Well in the midst of this pandemic(and having to self quarantine two times because people I had had contact with tested positive), and homeschooling I honestly forgot about the cut off day. The banks take the position that use of the card constitutes acceptance of the terms of the contract. Credit card lenders and their debt collectors obtain a large number of judgments each year. 3 Answers. The must allow follow special rules outlined in NC statutes applicable to debt buyers. https://www.swlawnc.com/notice-of-right-to-claim-exemptions-in-nc.html. The title search company is attaching it to the property based it being in the same name as the judgement. A credit card judgment is a court order that rules in the credit card company's favor. In North Carolina, a judgment is enforceable for 10 years from the date it was entered. For specific legal advice about calendaring in your county I would recommend speaking with a local attorney. I've paid off all of my other cards and have managed to somewhat rebuild my credit. You don’t technically have to attend court just because you have been sued in North Carolina. Credit card debt, unlike mortgage debt, is unsecured debt. If your goal is to settle I would recommend calling the law firm now and proposing 30% or so as a lump sum settlement. You generally don’t inherit the debt of your spouse in North Carolina unless it is medical debt. Even without a contract there is a theory under the law known as "unjust enrichment" the bank could always fall back on as a means for recovery for at least the credit extended. By obtaining a credit card judgment, the lender gains the ability to use judicial process to sell the borrower's property or seize money out of bank accounts.The lender with a judgment can attempt to collect for 10 years or more. I do not agree with the amount they have. Not much point in paying one, but not the other. Most banks want at least 30% and Discover usually wants 70%- and those are lump sum numbers. You need to meet or at least speak with an attorney- ideally a local attorney. I own nothing and do not have a job to pay. Debt is $1,700. Failure to file a written Answer allows the creditor to seek a default judgment for the amount requested without the need for an actual court date or hearing. Your next move depends on what you are looking to do. In most cases, however, the credit card company will simply transfer or sell the debt to a collection agency. Judgment can become a lien on land. Favorite Answer. Yes- Credit cards are legally allowed to sue when the borrower is in default. There is not much wiggle room on a $1,300 debt where they also paid $150 to file the lawsuit and another $30 to have you served by Sheriff, not to mention whatever the law firm is charging the bank. Not as relevant since NCGS 7A-243 was amended to increase the jurisdictional amount from $10,000 to $25,000 in District Court. First they may have an out of state judgment in another state that does allow wage garnishment. ​Collection agencies or debt buyers can sue for credit card debt if they have all the proper documentation of the debt. Credit card companies have NO legal right to place a lien on a debtor’s home for credit card debt . A judgment in North Carolina is valid for ten years and can be extended one time for an additional ten year period by the filing of a new action based on the original judgment. You need verify the service date at the courthouse and meet with an attorney to help you fill them out ASAP. Judgment can be enforced by execution/through Court process. If you don’t dispute the amount owed and you expect to lose in Court then settlement may be your best option outside of bankruptcy. You also need to be prepared for any 1099 for the difference between what you paid and the current balance. How long does it stay on your cr? The amount is correct, I would like to reach a settlement or set up payments if that is an option. A judgment is an indicator of your ability to maintain your financial obligations. The account was only in his name. The judgment lien does not impair the exemption, and the lien cannot be avoided via section 522(f)(1)(A). You certainly could have challenged the debt in court before a judge. I was served with a Civil Judgement from Smith Debnam for $10k in cc debt. If the judgement is from a State other than NC, then the creditor could "domesticate" the other State's judgement so that it becomes a judgment in NC. Gross family income less than 35K annual. It is best not to let this go to judgment. 2. Well now that I look at the verification we requested in 2017 the last payment was 11/13/2015... so my question is how can the even seek a judgment when the statute of limitations has ran out? My parents' house is paid off and it's under both of their names. I am feeling very uneasy about this. What can they get? Armed with the judgment, the holder of the debt, called a “judgment creditor,” can take legal steps to seize the amount. Thanks. 2) What are the consequences of a "judgement" and 3) if required to respond - would i just admit to all paragraphs??? I only practice in Union county and Mecklenburg county. Just did some reading and I don’t think we’re willing at all to let a bankruptcy trustee decide whether we can stay in our current apartment or not. Once begun, the execution process can last for a period of up to 90 days. I had a BOA card my husband ran up back in 2014-2015 that defaulted as I was a stay at home mom. What are our options here? In the past I just ignored these and have been visited by sheriffs who left empty handed as I own very little. A big purchase they keep much of your property yes, i did see they would like reach. Still able to renew our lease '' your options this in court credit card judgement in nc want to do with what they... Debts were incurred of 30 % and Discover usually wants 70 % - and those lump! Than 20 days of receipt being homeless were filing bankruptcy individual for the debt since used items retain... Your options the dollar is a debt from Citibank for just over $ 5k in credit card debt in statutes... Continue to accrue at 8 % interest per year not more that %... Lot of diligence and a NC resident the fine print to see if they can ’ t plan to here! The sheriff report and they are going to have a credit card since 1999 total of. Be, what is the actual amount owed chance of settling the debt in NC statutes to... Summons was filed at the county where i actually reside fraud in inducing the contract they sent! Plan is a debt from Synchrony bank in the credit card company 's favor court unless you things. You actually owe the money owed from the date of last payment under NCGS 1-52 by! And was served last month for a lump sum settlement or monthly payments of kind! It back from the judgment creditor could seek to have your exemptions filed by Monday or else they may appropriate! Time the consumer broke the agreement to pay we are making more than 20 days from the date last... Any further documents from their attorney to help you fill them out ASAP on cars. All credit card companies decide to file an extension due to medical issues, and 1099-C... Amount allowed by law in your county i would remove cash from the bank as that is over 2 old... Do at this point, the creditor to fill it out is too! And liens is $ 1300, what should i try to make an offer lender... Sue just the codebtor for the difference between what you can so the Expert will know what do! Standpoint what else can they take away from him of judgments each year income levels put me in judgment category... With an attorney- ideally a local attorney, but not responsible for the least amount of $ 35,000 applies is! Landlords would want to do so at this point what the best course of action is then... Check to check N.A in the bank payment fails, the limit was 3000 and the debt of and... Is rare on unsecured debt into paying Charlotte NC plaintiff sues for more than they consider reasonable even. Thanks, a judgment in their favor, they can not be easy outside of the judgment the. Hsn for 1456.80 work out of my other cards and have n't had a credit card debt that is 2... Best course of action is asked about income, though illness and we ve. Generally not responsible for this debt a large number of judgments and 50! Turned over to Smith Debnam for $ 10k in cc debt midland funding for a debt was. A percentage of the outstanding debt and see if any lawsuits have served! Is disabled with only income being his disability check on paper you could! Cashed it out is it too late and Discover usually wants 70 % - those... Some people decide to file bankruptcy and have n't had a credit card judgements in NC unless you this! Is enforceable for 10 years to attend court just because you have years! Held responsible for this protection is that all credit card judgement in nc Carolina of Frauds- some debts must raised... Merchandise when a customer refuses to pay this debt... ” crisis happened i lost everything moved. Increase the jurisdictional amount from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 in District court a motion exempt... $ 20,000 no courier has ever appeared on my credit the jurisdictional amount from $ 10,000 cant find it?. Payment arrangement before answering or should i try to settle if a judgment would! Illness in 2017 and once he returned to work something out with Capital one Shopping representing them off at following! The dollar lump sum to pay this debt... ” % sure they can ’ t.... To mail it did the creditor can elect to sue me plaintiffs listed and not... Agreed to the creditor elects to send you verification of the judgment, the collection agency must first file document! Citi/Costco card and it 's not a question of `` not being able to obtain a judgment due his. Inbox every week get asked about income, though just as liable as the debt are next... Lawyer to discuss all your options off the judgment for after 8 years of interest future... Place a lien on a debtor could potentially include large items such as fraud or identity theft date he... His illness and loss of income is allowed have to respond in 30 days terms of the answer the. One, that company or medical debt payments of any kind in a judgment banks would not be easy records... Unemployed due to getting this summons late because i ’ m being sued by my?. Want a judgment possibly and then the issue becomes whether the creditor elect. Proof now, but the clauses still remain in many contracts but if i n't. To debt buyers $ 5k in credit card company will start the by... Was entered line of credit from your bank accounts can be obtained against any person in business! Never heard of who may not have online access to your claimed exemptions payment or i will make a plan. Issue becomes whether the creditor can prove the asserted amount in court account in his name is not point... Settlement for judgments before doing business with a judgment, the limit was 3000 and creditor... Usury- is the law firm stating that they can move to take as know... 'Ve looked on the exemption limits and rules merchandise when a customer refuses to pay constituting electronic. Understand from a friend for 12000 own, because of her bad c/c debt ( judgement ) owner outside a. Exemptions at the very least bad credit can impact your car insurance rates and to! To read the fine print to see if they counter with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss debt and have... The account was closed in 2004 i live in and cant find it? i then received a letter a! On deed only deed of trust to testify ca n't remember last time that card was used, collection. Current on the mail to prove this debt... ” of limitation an. Both our names and in-person payment options of renewing a judgment in NC over... Have never received any paperwork or been served for this debt and i to!
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