Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Debold Sinas said the police force planned to acquire more bulletproof vests to help officers in their conduct of anti-crime operations. The BulleSafe vest comes in at a great price and is affordable to many but doesn’t sacrifice quality. … “For years, we have been acquiring police equipment that would be used by our personnel in the field while fulfilling their duties as law enforcers. These vests are used every day by the military, law enforcement and security personnel. This 2 in 1 vest includes a concealable bulletproof vest as well as a tactical bulletproof vest complete with Molle webbing and NIJ Level IIIA + protection. The Police One Body Armor product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Body Armor, also known as Ballistic Vests, Flak Jackets, Ballistic Armor or incorrectly, Bulletproof Vests.It covers concealable armor, correctional armor, tactical armor, female armor, K9 armor, ballistic shields, and accessories including carriers and hangers. One of the first documented instances where such a garment was demonstrated for use by law enforcement officers was detailed in the April 2, 1931, edition of the Washington, D.C., Evening Star, where a bulletproof vest was demonstrated to members of the Metropolitan Police Department. BATON ROUGE, La. This is how long your body armor is expected to hold its rating. Although most police departments issue standard protective armor to new officers, vests and other equipment have usually been worn by previous law enforcement agents and this can compromise their protective properties. Bullet Proof Body Vests are the standard for anti-ballistic protection. The tactical bulletproof vest is concealable, versatile, and comfortable. The Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP), created by the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act of 1998 is a unique U.S. Department of Justice initiative designed to provide a critical resource to state and local law enforcement. Bullet Proof Vests are lightweight and may be either concealed, unlike most Plate Carriers, or worn externally. Outer vest carriers are solutions to several different problems for our police officers. The officer's bulletproof vest likely saved his life. If you work in Law Enforcement, you know how important the right body armor is for your safety. Your vests true rating and how much protection its actually providing is affected by how often it’s used. An NYPD officer was shot in the back while responding to a domestic violence dispute on Christmas Eve, according to police officials. Most bulletproof vests issued to law enforcement in the U.S. come with a 5-year warranty, which is the NIJ standard. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea held up a bulletproof vest in front of the media at Kings County Hospital to show exactly where the 27-year-old cop from the 77th Precinct was struck. Dec. 25 (UPI) --A New York Police Department officer was shot in Brooklyn Thursday, but survived because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, authorities said. A carrier is a shell or an overlay that is placed over external body armor, like an armored vest or bullet resistant vest, aka “bulletproof vest”. (WAFB) - The constable’s office said they desperately needed new bullet proof vests and on Dec. 21, Christmas came early.